Example project 'LinkLabel'

XOJO 2019r3.2 / Windows Desktop

Opening the LinkLabel example and parsing it into my project works fine.
I try to create myself the LinkLabel from scratch into my project, but it doesn’t work
I create all the Event Definitions, Event Handlers, Properties and code as in the example.
I cannot make it work this way. In the inspector the new properties are missing.
What am i doing wrong ?


What is “doesn’t work”? Can you post your code?

In the example project a supreclass LinkLabel is available, with Event Definitions, Event Handlers and Properties. When I go to the Library I can select this LinkLabel and place it in my Window.
Opening the Inspector shows me the new created Properties for the LinkLabel (URL, Link Color, HighLight Color and Underline Link). I can fill in a URL and when I run my project clicking on the LinkLabel will open the URL Link.

Copying this LinkLable from the example project into my project works fine. The LinkLabel properties are available and can be set by me.

As a study for myself I now try to create myself a LinkLabel from scratch.
I create exactly the same Event Definitions, Event Handlers, Properties and Code from the Example project.
The LinkLabel is available in the library and I can insert it in the Window.
But in the Inspector the new created Properties ‘URL, Link Color, HighLight Color and Underline Link’ are not available for me created LinkLabel.

Please take a look at the Example Project - Desktop - Custom Controls - LinkLabel.
The code I insert is exactly the same as in the example, but mine is not working.


Right-click on your class in the Navigator and select Inspector Behavior. Scroll to the bottom and check each of the properties you want to be visible.

Ok. They are not automatically inserted into the Inspectors pane.
Thank you for this solution.