Example of a bad resized image


I was working with comics front cover, resizing them, yesterday when I falled on this one.

On left, the resized cover with Preview (OS X 10.8.5), on the right, resized using Xojo (current).

It also happens (similar to worst result) with some 2000AD cover scans.

PS: In a project, I generate five size (different names and usages, of course), two goes into two different folders created on purpose in the drop image folder. I automated the process as far as I can do, but if I have to do it manually… I will fall into a different bug (in an older application, I place the resized image in Image and its file name in RAW as text; and on some occasions, the text is cleared from the Clipboard…)

Is this on Windows? If so then this thread might help (solution at end of thread)…


If this is on OSX… by default (under Cocoa) it anti-aliases the resize giving fuzzy results

  #If TargetMacOS Then
    // provided by Sam Rowlands
    const kCGInterpolationNone = 1
    Declare Sub CGContextSetInterpolationQuality Lib "Cocoa" ( context As Integer, quality As Integer )
    CGContextSetInterpolationQuality( g.handle( g.HandleTypeCGContextRef ), kCGInterpolationNone )
  g.drawpicture p,x,y,w1,h1,sx,sy,w2,h2

this worked for me

This was on OS X.

Thank you for your answers.

The problem using Declare for one plaform is the lack of Declare for the other platforms. :slight_smile:

The other problem is that happens only once or two times on a working day (less than ten when I was doing 2000 AD Comic Books).

At last, Preview (the free application in OS X) do it fine all the time. I may have to check how AppleScript goes with it (to automate the process)…