Events not fire in Windows 10

I have discovered a behaviour which I do not understand. Maybe anyone can help me with this.
In a ListBox CellClick event, I have the below code.
On a right click of this listbox row a new Window (TestWnd) is created and displayed. In the TestWnd class are several TextEdit controls which in turn use their events to do some validation stuff.
But these events never gets triggered, when the window is gona be displayed with sd.ShowModal (which I need). Using on the other hand sd.Show and the events are firing.
Platform is Windows 10. Using the same code in OS/X everything is working as expected even with sd.ShowModal.

Anyone an idea ?

If IsContextualClick Then
  Dim sd as new TestWnd
  sd.mContent = Me.Cell(row,-1)
  If not sd.mbCanceled Then
    Me.Cell(row,-1) = sd.mContent
  End If
  return false
End If

I just did a simple test and it worked as expected.

Are you able to host a simple sample project showing the problem?

Also, which version of Xojo are you using?

Looks similar to an issue I had at the end of last year with a textarea mousedown on a modal window which was launched from a listbox doubleclick would not be called unless another control on the window was clicked first.
This only affects Windows, works ok on OS/X.
Reported to feedback last december
Windows 10 and Xojo 2016.R3

See <>

Ah I tested it with KeyDown and that fired, looks like its a mouse related issue. Nice spot Geoff.

Just tested it in 2017r1.1 and its not working.

I am using Xojo 2017 R1.1. And, I think it is the same issue Geoff reported already.
Hope that this get fixed soon in the framework. Unfortunatly most of my clients use Windows,

I added some more info to the ticket

Miichael, are you also using MouseDown in the modal window as I have confirmed that the Action event works if you can use that?

Julian, I can confirm using the MouseDown event in the modal window and it does not fire unter these circumstances.