Events don't fire in Container Control

I’ve got a view consisting of an iOSScrollableArea which points to an iOSContainerControl that has some controls, including a table.

The table Open event never fires, so the datasource doesn’t get loaded. Is this the dreaded <>?

Actually, it looks like <>.

Yes, that’s my feedback case and I hope it will get solved quickly. I believe it’s the same thing for iOSCustomTableCells.


If you add an Open event to the iOSContainerControl itself, that doesn’t fire either. I’ve added this to the Feedback case.

Interestingly, the table’s Action event fires, once I figured out how to set the datasource without an Open event for the table. Kinda surprised that the table was instanced already.

In the scrollable area’s open event, I set the datasource thusly:

[code]Var cc As WorshipContainerControl
cc = WorshipContainerControl(Me.Content) // cast to MyContainer

cc.Worshipds = New WorshipDataSource
cc.WorshipTable.DataSource = cc.Worshipds

Worshipds is a property of the container control.