Even Definition Problem

Hello, I am working on a Container control for a custom listbox. I want to be able to click on an entry in the listbox and get the row and column to do a lookup on that item. I have both a CellPressed event in the control and an event definition with the same name and parameters. When I run the program and click on the listbox, it executes the code in the CellPressed event in the container control but ignores the code in the CellPressed event when trying to use the control. I have looked at all the information I can find online and in the forum but I have not had much luck finding anythig that would be meaningful to my problem. I appoligize if I missed somethig obvious! Would greatly appreciate any help!

An example project that shows the problem would be helpful

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Does your CellPressed Event on the Listbox have the RaiseEvent for the Container’s CellPressed Event Definition?
Did you add the CellPressed Event Handler to the container in your window?

Mark, Thanks so much. That did the trick. Ran across Raise Event in my searching but was trying it in the wrong places. It makes sense now. Thanks to everyone who responded!