European XDC?

Hi folks, just wanted to say that Carol and I had a blast in Berlin at the MBS conference. Despite the multiple languages spoken and the often asked question “can you say that again?” to clarify what we thought we heard we came away very impressed with the depth of Xojo users in Europe.

I thought the sessions were very informative and it was a nice mix of topics. My only complain is that the room was bright and some presenters felt that blue text on a black background was appropriate - some guidelines might be helpful on this for future conferences. As always, some of the best information was shared outside of sessions. This community is all about the relationships and that’s what makes these conferences so powerful.

This is my third European Xojo event and this was by far the biggest one yet (80 attendees if memory serves). Not as big as a regular XDC but it begs the question that perhaps XDC should be done every other year in Europe?

Thoughts on this?

I think there is room for two conferences on earth, one in spring and one in fall.
And if 20 people go to both and make some extra holiday, that is a great way to explore the other continent.
I really hope to see more of US by going to conferences and doing stop overs with extra days in other places.

Well, if you want Xojo inc to be involved, two conferences a year would be hard to do. Hard to justify having engineers at both conferences.

Two XDC’s a year would be cost prohibitive I’d expect
Never mind everything else involved (time, etc)

Well, if we have XDC in April in Denver and I make another conference in Europe in fall, we more or less have two XDC.
Just that the European one is a bit smaller.

Asia (or something that would attract people from Japan/Australia/NZ/China etc)

but I have no idea how practical an “asia” one would be
A user conference like the MBS hosted ones would probably need to happen to even start considering this to demonstrate enough interest

Don’t you have a distributor in Japan? Do they do something?

We do

I have no idea
I know they attend conferences

[quote=330280:@Norman Palardy]I have no idea
I know they attend conferences[/quote]
GrapeCity attended last years XDC.

I meant in and around Asia
I dont know if they host conferences which I assume is what Christian meant

its not my area of responsibility / concern etc
Partner relations falls well outside my scope :slight_smile:

[quote=330282:@Norman Palardy]
Partner relations falls well outside my scope :)[/quote]

Make it a global property :stuck_out_tongue:

with a hidden attribute :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! :slight_smile:

Wonder if I can just add all the places on my bucket list as places we should have XDC

XDC Maldives !

should do XDC on a cruise ship

I did suggest that once
GeekCruises used to do this sort of thing
They have a different name now

I had a very nice time in Berlin. Fun meeting people that you only see on the forums or in the mailbox. I hope there will be more European events like this. XDC is too far away and too small. I visit two conferences/year in US already and adding XDC to that list is not likely to happen.


if and when you organise an event in Europe, please give plenty of notice.
My calendar for 2018 is already filling up. I even have an event in 2019 penciled in.

Plus coming from Australia, you get the best airfares 8 -9 months ahead

Sure, it would probably be in fall 2018.
I will probably make a survey to find out interest and get a head count.
And look for a place which can work in the week most people like to join.