Eureka: Print the Project Code in a PDF

To do that, you just use the Print Menu Item from the File Menu.
Then, you choose the PDF virtual printed.

But: if you have an entry selected in the Navigator, you will only get code for this entry(entries)…

What can I do or How can I disable any selected entry(entries) in the Navigator ?

Very simple: Press the Command key and click in the selected entry.

Many entries are selected ? Very simple too: click in a not selected entry and all other entries will become unselected, then Press the Command key and click in the selected entry as above.

What about in Linux and Windows ? Probably the same with the OS Key (the Windows key), I suppose.

BTW: having 500 or far more pages in a PDF can be difficult to read, but if you recall something from your code, you can issue a search to go to the part you are searching.

Nota: I get back a two days ago project because I created a pdf this way when years ago I lost one project. I only loose two days of work including three new features I remember I was happy to write that morning, but unfortunately I never recall what they were… (when no backup in the computer and the memory failed, you can be into this bad behavior.) I only had to modify the code of a one month old previous version (the PDF in an external monitor, a copy of the old project in the MacBook Pro sceen…
Usualy, I take notes on the back of shop tickets, but that day, the ideas comes packet by their own and were fast enough to be written while I was thinking at (no need to takes notes (like when I was 20 y/o).

Enjoy !