EU Data Protection Law - Documentation

Today I’ve found a very interesting documentation how our solid EU data protection laws have been shaped since 2012. This documentation is worth to share. It’s in German and French, with a lot of English conversations inbetween (yes we in Europa are multi-lingual). I believe all the questions in this movie are very important for us as developers, power-users and consumers.

In German, ironically, “This video is not available in your country”

Try this one:

Note the fr in the url; but I do not think that it will work.

Hey Julian, go thru the channel and you will be able to watch it. But do it fast because the video will be there for only 23 more days.

Edit. I forgot to tell you that arte is a french/german TV channel. Unfortunately, there still be some custom ere (same apply for amazon; you cannot buy something in germany even if you live in france, at less than 5 km from the Rhine river - as I am…

Hehe, the same message in french, “This video is not available in your country”

Ja es Emile said I think there’s a GeoIP restriction… a pity cause it’s worth to share… here’s the trailer on youtube:



Here you can choose among different qualities!arte%20%2B%20democracy

I don’t know about Germany, but in France, the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libert (CNIL) is very much like the Mao Zedong’s cornered expression, a Paper Tiger.

Recently the French Government decided to create a nationwide face recognition database, and not a peep.

German minister wants facial recognition systems at airports, train stations

Germany plans nationwide e-ticket for all city transport

But we Germans take the spying rather funny.
We remember

It came out, NSA spied in Germany.
The Chancellor’s Minister traveled to the USA and asked the NSA: “Do you?”
NSA said: No, we do not.
The Chancellor’s Minister came back, gave a press conference and said:
NSA says: we do not.
If they say that then I believe that.
I hereby declare the NSA affair is terminated.

I’m sure that the Brits already have one running. With so much surveillance in the UK, you can’t fart without someone noticing.

Doesn’t help them much if people fart in their general direction