Escaping a ' REM ?

I using a Socket.SendRequest for sending a request to an URL.‘0000107131’,CompanyCode=‘1000’)/GetInfo?$format=json

Now I have the Problem, that I want read the Customer Number, in the example the 0000107131 from a Textfield.Text.
And putting the string together. E.g.:

DIM Request_String as String

Request_String =’" + Request_String + ",CompanyCode=‘1000’)/GetInfo?$format=json

Now, I have the problem, that ’ is the REM in Xojo.

How can I escape the '? I have to use the ', I can’t using something similar like `or ´.

Your missing two quotation marks

Request_String = “’” + Request_String + “,CompanyCode=‘1000’)/GetInfo?$format=json”

I found the solution:

chr(39) instead of ’

Chr(39) is not necessary. You can put a single quote within a string literal. It will not be interpreted as a comment marker.