Errors with CGI

Hi all,

I did a test of my web app with CGI, it works on all browsers.

On Chrome, there is no error in the client console. With Safari and Firefox, I get errors on the client console each time there is a “push” request (By cons, there are no errors on all other requests). The error is: “gateway timeout”. However, this does not cause problems, everything seems to work well. Why is there this error?



With Standalone, there are no errors on all browsers.

Xojo 2014 2.1

That will typically happen if the browser doesn’t receive a response within the allotted time. The ajax mechanism is what’s considered a “long pull”. Essentially we make a connection, and wait for the server to respond (this is what makes it possible for the app to “push” changes to a browser). There are times however, when there is nothing to send back and the browser’s connection will simply time out. When this happens, the framework simply makes another connection.

It’s not an error, per se. Just the browser saying that nothing was returned. I too noticed the browsers suddenly showing this information, but I think the change is that the browsers are now showing this info.

ok, that’s reassuring. it’s still weird because these are all push requests that generate an error message, all. Although I am the only user with a very fast server. I just realize that there is also the problem in reverse proxy.

Well if you’re not actually using the push mechanism, they will probably all have this error.