Error Window won't display

On the Mac this appears to work OK; however, on Windows I can’t get an error window to display until the MovableModal window that has the offending code in it is closed, then the error window is displayed.

A little background.

In my app.unhandledexception I have a call like the following:


The startup method just does some housekeeping things on the window. The window frame for my wErrorHandler is a movable modal window.

I have some code in a button on window that generates a nilobjectexception but until the window is closed, the wErrorHandler window does not display.

I’ve tried changing the wErrorHandler frametype to Document - no help. I’ve tried creating an instance of the wErrorHandler window and calling it, but no help.

How can I get the wErrorHandler to display in Windows without having to close the Window that generates the error?

Have you got a ‘me.showmodal’ in your wErrorHandler.startup method?