Error when use webListBox inside a WebDialog

hi, i have a problem when i use webListBox inside WebDialog
the webListBox change his content and retriving this data from a pre initialized RecordSet

in the WebDialog.Show event i have write this code :

webListBox.ColumnCount =Recordset.FiledCount
do until recordset.eof
for i=0 to Recordset.FieldCount-1
weblistbox.Cell(webListBox.LastIndex, i) = Recordset.IdxField(i + 1).StringValue
next i

(this is the same of code xojo example )

when i call WebDialog from a webPage for the first time , this work fine
when I call WebDialog from same webPage for the second time or the following, it gives me this error

Could not execute returned javascript: Failed to execute ‘deleteCell’ on ‘HTMLTableRowElement’:
The value provided (4) is outside the range [0, 1).

can anyone help me ?

Did you get this working?