Error using WebConnection

The API program is generating text output not compatible with the GET WebConnection.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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That error message is pretty self explanatory. What are you looking for from the community?

The reason why my api is not working.

The request URL is not well-formed.

URLField.Text contains something that isn’t valid in a URL.


If I write a call directly from my browser, I see it fine with the correct output.

The code:|Data=1124

Do you see something wrong with the chain that I sent?

Should be:

Are you using β€œ%” as a separator?

No, %7C is the encoding for a Pipe (|)

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My problem is that the value β€œh1U&4s9bd&|” is encrypted.

See also EncodeURLComponent but note that this is for each COMPONENT of the url – not the text field in general or it will encode all non-safe characters such as & etc that you need to keep.

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Everything you use as an url has to be urlencoded.

This Value has to be urlencoded, that results in: h1U%264s9bd%26%7C

I already saw clearly what you want to tell me and the main problem.

I’m going to review the rules to encode url correctly.

Thanks Marius & Douglas !!!