Error signing application 2021r3.1

I have a secure web application that I am attempting to build and use. I get the following error

Error signing application: /Volumes/blah/blah/blah: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

I read several responses but unless I missed something I have not found anything that works for a WE app. I am hosting on a Mac Mini and building on a MAC (Monterey 12.01) using XOJO 2021 r3.1.

So I clicked ok to continue then I took the built app and supporting folders and loaded that onto the server hosting this WE app and that failed to start. I check processes and this WE app is running but I cannot connect to it using a web browser.

I can run in debugger in IDE and the WE app works. I have also attempted to double click the UNIX Executable - that starts and no errors occur - then when I attempt to use a web browser for (9301 is the port I am using) the web browser says it cannot connect to the server.

Prior to this I have used XOJO 2021r3 as well as previous web 2 IDEs and this worked. However in recent IDEs this build error occurred. Previously I could still deploy. So I checked and architecture is set to 64 bits, Bundle Identifier is set the same. Also now that I updated to the 3.1 I cannot build and deploy using 3.0

How do I resolve this error so I can continue to build the WE app and deploy?

Perhaps you can try to use the app CleanDetritus available on the Mac App Store.

Or just use

xattr -cr path/to/app/bundle

@Greg_O_Lone - tried that and this was the response

Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/plugin.cpp: 1048
Failure Condition: false
Could not open plugin SSLSocket.dylib (dlopen(/Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/Builds - WE PDS v4_0_2/macOS 64 bit/SCG_PDS/SCG_PDS Libs/SSLSocket.dylib, 0x0005): tried: ‘/Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/Builds - WE PDS v4_0_2/macOS 64 bit/SCG_PDS/SCG_PDS Libs/SSLSocket.dylib’ (file does not start with MH_MAGIC[_64]), ‘/usr/local/lib/SSLSocket.dylib’ (no such file), ‘/usr/lib/SSLSocket.dylib’ (no such file))zsh: abort

I ran the following CLI: xattr -rc /Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/"Builds - WE PDS v4_0_2"/"macOS 64 bit"/SCG_PDS - In this instance SCG_PDS is the folder containing the UNIX Executable ‘SCG_PDS’

All this occurred when I double clicked on the executable ‘SCG_PDS’ that is inside the folder located at /Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/“Builds - WE PDS v4_0_2”/“macOS 64 bit”/SCG_PDS

This error something I have never seen before

Tried this on ‘/Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/Builds - WE PDS v4_0_2/macOS 64 bit/SCG_PDS’ and same error as described to Greg

The folder ‘SCG_PDS Libs’ contains the files the error message sites it cannot find. In total after a build then

I was able to get this back to a build, then clean, then double click on UNIX Executable. Here is the CLI response

Last login: Mon Dec 20 21:28:27 on ttys002
/Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/Builds\ -\ WE\ PDS\ v4_0_2/macOS\ 64\ bit/SCG_PDS/SCG_PDS ; exit;
carlfitzsimmons@Carls-iMac ~ % /Volumes/Fitz_HD/Development/CutSheet/WEB/Builds\ -\ WE\ PDS\ v4_0_2/macOS\ 64\ bit/SCG_PDS/SCG_PDS ; exit;
Application is ready

Errors are gone however when I use the web page responds with 'Safari cannot connect to the server…

This is how I have always tested on local machine. What am I missing?

What about — not the secure layer?

You don’t seem to be telling the app where your SSL certificate is on the command line. Are you doing that in App.Open(ing)?

It appears there was a problem with the SSL certificate and not certain why. I have used this one consistently and we have made no network or domain changes. To resolve what I did was delete and copy the SSL certificate back into the ‘Build’ folder. Now when I ‘Run’ the WE app the login page appears.

To your point - where do I tell the app to find the cert? I place the SSL Certificate in the ‘Build’ folder. I have never placed any code in the WE apps Opening Event Handler. It appears I may have missed some important changes for security reasons with respect to XOJO Build of a WE app. I have looked for how do you tell the app where to look for the cert. I have check the UserGuide - SSL for Web Apps guide and I do not find that requirement.

I like the thought about telling the app where to look so I do not need to ‘copy’ the cert to that location. Is there a document you can point me to?

Also it is interesting to note a change in ‘Build’ behavior in that now the ‘Build’ folder is fully cleared and a new ‘_CodeSignature’ folder appears after the build process. This is not noticed in previous efforts over many years of doing just this. Then when I double click on the UNIX Executable the connect failure occurs however no Build error occurs+. When I end the UNIX Executable process, copy the cert to the ‘Build’ folder, then run the UNIX Executable again all is good. This is new behavior when building a secure WE app.

So I think resolving ‘telling the app in the Opening Event Handler’ is a better way of doing this.

Thanks - tried both and both failed

@Greg_O_Lone - thanks - After replacing the cert that was it.

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