Error retrieving a color value from a dictionary

I’m building up a solid Task implementation and have started adding the more “decorative” bits to the UpdateUI method. However, when I assign color values to the dictionary, retrieving them results in an “expected color but got Int32” error.

My set code is:

dictUpdateFields.Value("col_lFilepathColor") = 0c00000000

My update codes is:

If args.HasKey("col_FilePathColor") Then Self.lFilePath.TextColor = args.Value("col_FilePathColor").TypeColor End If

I see this with 13r3.3 and 14r3,2.

Bug, or am I missing something in dictionary handling?

dictUpdateFields.Value(“col_lFilepathColor”) = 0c00000000

I assume really is

dictUpdateFields.Value(“col_lFilepathColor”) = &c00000000

otherwise you should get a syntax error.

and have you tried … just

Self.lFilePath.TextColor = args.Value(“col_FilePathColor”)

D’oh - ColorValue not TypeColor …