Error on submitting feedback case

Is anyone else getting an error if he / she tries to submit a FC?
Unfortunately I’m not able to report this because the Feedback app always crashes with an error message like this:

+1 here

I’m sure Greg or Travis will look into this asap when they get up

I’m only here because it’s 2:45am and I can’t sleep
And I cant fix this backend bit

It is still not fixed. We are at the end of August and I am trying to submit a bug with the latest feedback application

Create the feedback report, but DON’T attach the project. Once saved, add a new comment to the report and attach the project to THAT.

Andr, are you trying to add some files with your bug report? Sometimes if you open the ticket with only text you don’t have problems, then you can add files (project, screen capture, video).

Edit: what Tim said