Error messages

I just installed Xojo on my Linux pc and converted a Visual Basic 5 program into Real Basic.

I have 15 errors on the screen and it says “frmMain… Name Layout (property name)” under location, and “Syntax error / Name” under issue. I don’t understand where or what this error is? How do I find what it is referring too?

Double click on the entry and it’ll take you there

Fix the syntax errors first - I’ve found that layout issues sometimes go away after that.

Ok, the syntax errors first… how do I know what the XOJO does not like? The error lists both, syntax and name properties, and clicking on it does not highlight the wrong code, only brings me to the form.

If those errors are shown when the migarted project is opened in RB/Xojo then complie the application and let the compiler show the errors.

Hmmm… ok, I hit build… it says I need a license. I hit run and I am returned to this screen:

The image shows the page after clicking on the first error message / syntax error in the box at the bottom of the page.

Could the “Syntax error” be caused by the two question marks “?” on the "frmMain? (just a guess) Are those unsupported controls from VB5?