ERROR ITMS-90334: "Bundle identifier mismatch ... re com.xojo.framework

On trying to upload a new version of my app to the MAS I get this error from Application Loader:

ERROR ITMS-90334: “Bundle identifier mismatch. The executable at XojoFramework in has been signed with identifier ‘com.xojo.framework’ which does not match the bundle identifier ‘com.xojo.XojoFramework’.”

I’m using AppWrapper 3.5.3. and Xojo 2015 r4.1 on OSX10.11.3

Anyone else seeing the same?


Deactivate Signing of ALL files :wink:

Sascha - thanks - but that is how AppWrapper is already configured.

…further - I tried toggling that setting on and off, with Saves in-between, and that seems to have fixed it.

This is very odd! It seems to me as if it wasn’t able to correctly sign the Xojo Framework or something went wrong internally with the code sign API.

I’ll look into this, maybe with some experimentation and extra checking I can figure out what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future.