Error in jeremieleroy's plugins

I purchased a package from JeremieLeroy a while ago.
But I discovered some errors. When I try to contact him, I never receive an answer.

Are there others that encounter the same problem? And are there other ways to report bugs to Jeremie?



I haven’t purchased anything from Jeremie so I’m reserving judgement but I have to say that I’ve heard this same complaint from various developers. I was considering buying Chart View this week but I’m hesitating as I don’t like my projects to be reliant on poorly supported third-party items.

Edwin, can I ask which product you are having issues with?

Of course you can. I want to use the EXIF reader to extract geo-locations from pictures.
I found documentation online to read the data when I open a JPG as a binarystream. But reading it is still quite tough. So, why re-invent the wheel when Jeremie has a module for it.

The error occurred in the RegisterModule method, to see if I am allowed to use the module. Since all purchased modules rely on this method, I bet all the modules might be affected. Haven’t tried the others yet though…

What an unfortunate location to have an error.
Does Jeremie offer source versions?

I would prefer to grab the source of something if I’m going to buy it, that way I can fix any issues myself.


Apparently Jeremie’s controls all come as source code. The problem I see is that he does not seem to offer possibilities to upgrade from encrypted to full source.

I use this in a shell and can get any/all EXIF data required… just offered as an alternative

He does, I did that with ChartView, I paid the difference and he sent me a key. But you have to get hold of him to pay the difference, and therein lies the rub. I needed source to fix a bug when Xojo moved to 64-bit. It does seem is though Jeremie is getting harder and harder to get hold of. In the last couple of years, I’ve sent 3 or 4 bug reports to Jeremie and didn’t even get an acknowledgement. Before that he was more responsive. I bought ChartView because the small size hit on my application, but now starting to think maybe a better course of action would have been to upgrade my ChartDirector license (I bought it in 2011, but then started looking for a very lightweight solution).

I hope Jeremie starts being more responsive to the emails, this is not the first mention of this. I own several of his controls, most of them source versions. I really like his stuff, reasonably priced, lightweight, works well, and very customizable if you have source.

We talk with him at MBS Xojo Conference in Koblenz… And he’s gonna be more responsive in few days. Some personal things to resolve as i know, and he come back :wink:

I also lead long monologs with him in the past. Would be nice to know if he is still alive and knows how to answer email.


which Xojo Version. I remmber sometimes Back there was an Error in his RegisterModule Class in the Newer Versions of Xojo.

I Don’t know if all his “new” Downloads Include the fixed Class.

Here Is a Link to his Wiki: RegisterControls_Update
Perhaps this will help you with Your Problem.

Best Regards,

Ren Landscheidt

Same issue here. I finally gave up, created the things I needed myself and ditched his plugins.

I use Xojo 16 R1.1

I wonder if because Jeremy lives in Paris & its been flooding if that has any affect on his ability to reply

The flooding was last week. Jeremy’s communications are not an act of god :wink:

In Paris, flooding was limited to the River Seine outskirts. Where the dramatic flooding occurred was far in the south eastern outskirts.

[quote=270314:@RenLandscheidt]Here Is a Link to his Wiki: RegisterControls_Update
Perhaps this will help you with Your Problem.[/quote]

The updated version actually solved my problem. Unfortunately I can’t find the GPS data. I will try to dig into this later, when I have more time.

No, it’s been going like this for years. I am curious as to what kind of “personal things to resolve” on the one hand still allow him to visit the MBS conference, but on the other hand make it impossible to answer email.

I already replaced all of his solutions with my own or other 3rd party solutions and will not purchase any of his solutions as long as his service is so slow. Sounds hard, but it was a tough decision for me. I lost too much time waiting for his support and working around issues. Finally i lost patience.

The waters receding doesn’t mean “everything is fine now that the water is gone”,
Unless anyone has talked to Jeremy recently we have no idea if he was affected or not.
Thats all I was suggesting.