error if query returns many records (MSsql)

hi, if I run a query that returns many records with many fields (850k) I get the following error, has anyone had similar experiences?

Error … : MSSQLServerPluginx64.dll, ver :,
Codice eccezione: 0xc0000005
Offset e 0x0000000000007841

client is running on w10 + ms sql native client 12
sql server version 14 running on windows server 2019

i use api 2.0

That’s a lot of records. It may be a memory issue (too much to load into memory). You could monitor memory usage in Task Manager while this runs. Not sure why you need to return that many records. You probably need to handle them in chunks (pagination at the query level).

Either way, you should file a bug report. The database driver should gracefully abort by raising an exception rather than just crashing.

if I reduce the number of fields the problem does not occur, it also checks the ram, the query does not influence it in the least and the same query made with vb6 does not prove any type of error

You should definitely report this in Feedback (or add to any existing report - may already be one). I saw one report where selecting “*” caused problems, but explicitly listing the columns in the Select worked. Are your crashes on a “Select *”?

no , in this case i have not used wildcard

for the moment I have found that if one of the fields is a text field, the error that I have indicated is generated.