Error compiling project - maybe no GDI+?

Hi. I was making a small update to my desktop app. Using 2016r4. When trying to run and test the project, I am getting the following error

[quote]An error has occurred while compiling this project
Message: This item does not exist
File: RD Exam Study Suite
Location: AntialiasedGraphics.RoundRectA
Code: NewPicture[/quote]

Also received this message when trying to build and also on another project. I seem to recall I may have been using GDI+ in these apps. I thought this setting was in the Windows Build Settings, but I am not seeing it there now. Is this the problem (GDI+ not turned on) and is there a way to turn it on in code since not present in the Build Settings?

I also just saw in r4, GDI+ was depreciated. What is the workaround?

Code NewPicture makes me think it’s using the old, deprecated, now removed NewPicture function.

I even searched the project for “NewPicture” and cannot find

Or does that mean any properties that are type Picture?

Do you have locked modules in the project? I usually only see that error sheet if the issue is inside a locked module.
If you do, you should trash the module can create a new method in a global module:

Public Function NewPicture(iw as Integer, ih as Integer, id as Integer) as Picture
  #pragma unused id
  return new Picture(iw, ih)
End Function

Thanks Tim. No private modules. One module and everything is public.

I included the public function above, and did not receive the error. However, when doing a test run, I get the message "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

The home screen comes up. On this screen, I am using some ChartView methods, and these are not displaying at all.

I think I saw Jeremie Leroy posted an update to ChartView. I am going to see if the updated patch works and will circle back

Ok, sorry for the mini freakout. The updated ChartView has compliance with R4. Ran and good. Thanks for chiming in Tim!