Error 35 when trying to open a file

Does anyone know what an error 35 is when opening a file? Got this from a customer at the following code:

try if theTrash <> nil and theTrash.exists then theTrash = theTrash.child("Trash") if theTrash <> nil then TrashBinary = BinaryStream.Open(theTrash, true) end if catch err as IOException globals.theErrorLog.LogItem CurrentMethodName + " error open trash: " + theTrash.NativePath Globals.theErrorLog.DialogErrorProceed "It wasn't possible to open the Trash mailbox! Error: " + Str(err.ErrorNumber) + " " + err.Message end try

The result was: MoveToTrashMozilla.doDate error open mailbox: /Users/thomas/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/lj7vb57e.default/Mail/Local Folders/Trash
2015-05-27, 16:35:17 Dialog: It wasn’t possible to open the mailbox “Trash”! Error: 35

Can’t seem to find anything helpful in the Google. Mac OS 10.10.3, Xojo 2014r2.

Consulting this site? Mozilla Developers

How about
let s = NSString(CString: strerror(35), encoding: 0) --> “Resource temporarily unavailable”
Sorry for Swift, but it was so handy calling it in a Playground…

See “man strerror”.



@Thomas: thanks, yes this seems to be the error. But what does it mean? That’s the main hard disk of the customer.

Well, perhaps Thunderbird was using that file at the time where is was accessed…

Error 35? This means that the error is 35 centimeters in front of the screen (just kidding) :slight_smile:

@Tomas: very good.

@Thomas: I’m making sure that Thunderbird is quit before I mess around with it’s files. If Thunderbird was running the error message should be “file in use”, shouldn’t it?

Sorry, no idea because I do not mess around with mail files :wink:

My response was only for the error code (where I had a similar issue finding the proper reason for an error).

@Thomas: perhaps the customer restarted Thunderbird. I’ll ask him.