Erasing TextField content?

Hello, I have a window which has a Canvas object (to display a graphic), few TextFields to be populated by results from calculation and 2 buttons: Calculate and Erase.
I have no problem with Calculate. it does its job and displays the correct result in the appropriate field; I hit Erase and, thru a Canvas.Invalidate I can delete the graphics but even using xxFld.AppendText “” the displayed results stay there. They are not erased to start anew.
This button also calls for a new instance of a Class which holds the previous results, so I’m sure they are all set to 0.
I have no idea why it happens, any help please?
Thank you

[ Vettori.Invalidate //Vettori is the name of the Camvas
d=New AppMod.WindClass

TCFld.AppendText “” //The following are the fields holding th previous results
DCAFld.AppendText “”
GSFld.AppendText “”
WDFld.AppendText “”
WSFld.AppendText “”]

AppendText just adds a “” to the end of existing text (ie… changes nothing)


remove the APPEND

I should kick myself… Good thing there is a Getting Started area.
Thanks dave