Equivalent of ABAddressBookMBS.owner for 64bit

I’m trying to update my addressbook code for 64bit with the newer framework. Is there an equivalent of the owner property? Here is the very simple 32bit code:

[code]dim theAddressbook as new ABAddressBookMBS

if theAddressbook <> Nil then
dim theMe as ABPersonMBS = theAddressbook.owner '<–
if theMe = nil then Return
'do something with theMe
end if[/code]

I’ve had a look at the rather complex CNContactMBS but I can’t find anything about the owner property. I’m trying to find out the name and the email of the current user in case of a crash.

PS: The example “contacts display person” needs a nil check for contacts if nothing is found. “showValue c, c.CNContactImageDataAvailableKey” crashes here with an UnsupportedFormatException (latest plugins, Xojo 2017r1, the Captain).

  1. Check CNContactStoreMBS unifiedMeContactWithKeysToFetch.
  2. I’ll fix example.

Thanks, I’ll have a look!

This framework is more than slightly insane:

[code]dim theContactStore as new CNContactStoreMBS
dim theContact as CNContactMBS
dim theKeys() as CNKeyDescriptorMBS
dim theError as NSErrorMBS
theKeys.append CNContactVCardSerializationMBS.descriptorForRequiredKeys
theContact = theContactStore.unifiedMeContactWithKeysToFetch(theKeys, theError)

dim LastName as String = theContact.familyName
dim FirstName as String = theContact.givenName
dim EmailAddresses() as CNKeyDescriptorMBS = theContact.emailAddresses

if UBound(EmailAddresses) > -1 then
dim LabeledValue as CNLabeledValueMBS = CNLabeledValueMBS(EmailAddresses(0))
dim Value as String = LabeledValue.Value
end if[/code]

I have a huge address book synchronizer and every time I look at this monstrous mess, er, framework, in the thought of updating to it, I feel faint & slightly nauseous and go over to the couch and lie down—what on earth were they thinking?