I know you can get the integer value of an enum by using (example per the LR)

Dim levelInt As Integer
levelInt = Integer(SecurityLevel.Minimal) ' levelInt = 1

but is it possible to assign your own values?
I have a use case where I need a few different enums, but would like to assign unique values to each member
right now I have to use SELECT CASE to convert them

select case enumName
case enumvalue1
case enumvalue2
case enumvalue3
end select

it would be create if I could assign those values to the enum, and then


select case enumName
case enumvalue1
case enumvalue2
case enumvalue3
end select

i realize the Select/Case remains, but I only have to worry about the Integer Value in ONE place

Of course
http://developer.xojo.com/userguide/enumerations (right below the red note)
However, should you need to assign a specific integer value to an enumeration item, you can do so by assigning it as part of the name like this:

Enum foo
  enumvalue1 = 432
  enumvalue2 = 519
  enumvalue3 = 809

Thanks… I guess I’m using the offline LR… because it is totally different, and does not have that information in it…