Enterprise App in Profile Manager

When I try to add my Xojo app as an Enterprise App to profile manager its not recognized as an App. Anybody else tried this?

Do you belong to the Enterprise Developer Program?


We are a school district per se So we belong to the Education developer program.

After looking at Apple’s website I honestly don’t know if that gives you access to the Enterprise features.

It should I am setup in school manager and have an MDM server. I am able to take the option to select and enterprise app to upload. When I select the App created by Xojo it just shows me the contents of the App. That is where I wondered if I needed to compile it differently?

If I’m not mistaken, to be a member of the Enterprise Developer Program, you have to have been proactive in doing so. You don’t become a member automatically… I may be wrong, but if I think if you were a member, you would know for sure. I seem to recall checking it out when I first got my Dev Certs, and the application to become a member required information that I did not have (but an appropriate enterprise would).

It does appear that I must sign up for this. Thanks Dave

Well turns out all I needed to do was build for the App Store and then pick the .ipa file that was generated and I was able to upload it into my MDM server as an Enterprise Application. Now to try to have that app installed on an Ipad!