Entering an If ... Else ... End If Statement

It must have been a conscious decision to drop the automatic generation of the “End If” statement when you entered an “If” statement.

I always found the automatic “End If” very handy and miss it.

Shift+Enter still works for me. I don’t think the IDE (RS or Xojo) ever inserted the End If statement automatically.

Thanks !!! I spent many hours studying the Real Studio Tutorial and User’s Guide and had either missed or forgotten about the Shift+Enter key sequence. It works well in Xojo.

I had been using Real Studio 2011r4.3 before switching to Xojo. That IDE always automatically entered an End If just by hitting the Enter key - that was on Windows, anyway.

should also work with the ‘other’ Enter key … the one on the number pad not the one on the letter pad. How could you get 2 lines of code in without it being bothersome if you couldn’t use the enter key?

Yes, they fixed the numeric keypad Enter in 2013r2.