Enter key on Numeric keypad

On Windows in RS the enter key on the numeric keypad would be the equivalent of the Enter key. Any way this could be implemented in Xojo?

Seems weird to me this way. Both are equivalent to ENTER key without SHIFT (or any modifier key [shift, alt, control]). That is, both have same keycode (&h0D) but different scancodes (main press ENTER = &h5A, numeric press ENTER = &h79). Don’t know how people handle that in Xojo, but simulating a fake SHIFT does not seems right.

At least on OS X, the Enter key should not be inserting a Return but instead finish any kind of input. In a modal dialog, it would always execute the default button (like “OK”), even if the cursor is inside a multi-line edit field.

I wonder if it’s rather the other way around than you see it: Shift-Return is commonly used on smaller keyboards (those without an extra numeric pad) to simular the Enter key. And the Enter key always has the code Chr(3), versus Return’s Chr(13).

In any case, what purpose would Shift-Return have on Windows, compared to Return, Wayne?

Shift-Return completes a block e.g. adding an End If to the If block or Wend to a While Loop. Ctrl-Return inserts _ & new line.

My brain is programmed to hit the numeric keypad Return when working in a block and doesn’t like that it doesn’t work!

Looking back I guess I should have specified “while working in the editor”.

Ahh, that Shift-Return. I use that all the time, without even realizing what I’m typing :slight_smile:
And yes, I see that the Enter key has the same effect in the code editor.
And yes, I support the request that the Enter key should do the same in the new IDE.
Now, go write a bug report and I’ll add me “me too”.