Enter key on numeric keypad don't work on Xojo


Before this bug I didn’t imagine that I use so often the Enter key on the keypad !!! When I use that key, nothing happend at all !! gggrrrr this is really annoying !
Please note that this is not a numeric lock problem…

I’m running Xojo on Win 7 64 bits.

Anybody has the same problem ?


Confirmed, I have the same problem


ok, super… thanks for the feedback…
Xojo is really buggy compared to RealBasic!

Is the Asc code for the button the same ?

Works fine under OSX…

and NO the keys are NOT the same.


i had that issue in my VMware fusion so i told it to remap the numeric enter to the normal enter key.

It doesn’t for me… 10.6.8

Actually I was talking about using the numeric enter key when editing a numeric value in the Inspector.
Sorry for the mistake…