Enter and Tab

I can “enter” information when I tab between text fields. How should I do to have the actual RETURN/ ENTER doing the same ?

Another question: how do I tab to a Push Button ? I can’t get the Focus Ring around it …

If Asc(key) = 3 Or Asc(key) = 13 Then ' enter or return NextControl.SetFocus Return True ' The key has been processed End If Return False

You’ll need to place this code into the MouseDown event of each control. NB NextControl is the name of the next control to get focus.

This works on Windows, don’t know if the key codes returned from OSX are the same.


Thank Wayne. It worked with the KeyDown event. Still can not make it get to the PushButton.

I can not TAB nor ENTER into the PushButton. TextField and Combobox worked fine.

Any idea why ? It is OSX.

On OS X, a PushButton cannot get keyboard focus unless you turn on Full Keyboard Access to move between “All Controls” in the Keyboard System Preferences (Choose Accessibility in the list).

It worked in someway … I can TAB between all Contros, good. How do I get the ENTER/ RETURN in the PushButton to work after I TAB there ?

Solved … added the PushButton1.Push …