EnOcean Sencer Connecrt


Currently to get serial data from the EnOcean sensor

I’m doing it while referring to, but I can’t get the data correctly.
Probably of serial connection

Var data As String
data = Me.LookAhead (Encodings.ASCII)
If data.IndexOf (EndOfLine.Windows)> -1 Then
TextArea1.Value = TextArea1.Value + Me.ReadAll (Encodings.ASCII)
End If

It seems that the part of is the problem,
Does anyone know?

Windows 10
EnOcean USB400J dongle on your PC
Only the letters “UU” are displayed due to the operation of the sensor.

Does the “UU” indicate that a connection was made or no connection was made?

Is the scanner set to transmit the proper End of Line? Your code looks for Windows (CR+LF). Some scanners have a programming card to set the End of Line style: CR, CR+LF, LF, NUL.