Enlarging controls

I am seeing some odd results when I attempt to enlarge by 1.25, two TextFields.

I have tried several variations of the code below, all yielding the same results. Here is the setup:

Drag two Textfields one underneath the other slightly so that you can see some space. Create a button with the Action being the code below.

When I first press the button, the first magnification causes the fields to be proportionally too large and hence close together. Subsequent presses on the button improve so that about the 4th time the proportions seem right again. Just for a point of reference, I created two more controls off to the right of the first ones that are 25% larger, in order compare against the first click.

Any ideas what is going on?

Here is the code:

		Dim TmpInt as Integer
		TextField1.Visible = false
		TextField2.Visible = false
		TmpInt =TextField1.Width * 1.25
		TextField1.Width =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField1.Height * 1.25
		TextField1.Height =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField1.Left * 1.25
		TextField1.Left =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField1.Top * 1.25
		TextField1.Top =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField2.Width * 1.25
		TextField2.Width =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField2.Height * 1.25
		TextField2.Height =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField2.Left * 1.25
		TextField2.Left =TmpInt
		TmpInt =TextField2.Top * 1.25
		TextField2.Top =TmpInt
		TextField1.Visible = true
		TextField2.Visible = true