English Variations

Is it possible to localize to variations of English other than American or UK?
For example, Australian or Canadian?

I had thought using UK would suffice, which is the only option other than US that I see in Xojo.
On an iOS device we can use other variants, but those aren’t recognized as UK (understandably).

If Xojo doesn’t do it directly, you could just duplicate the en.lproj folder, make a few changes and then put them in with en_GB or other names.

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I may have to do that as a build script. Thanks, Christian.

Thank you for the tip Christian. I have often wondered about what to do for the French spoken here in Canada (fr-CA).

My French is not very good, but from what I understand French-Canadian and actual French are different enough that to mistake one for the other, can be a bit aggravating.

I see there is an old Feedback case about it <https://xojo.com/issue/10228>

I think you can just stick to a standard French and you’ll be fine. Unless you want your app to be really regional!

then we also have french-corse, french-breton, french-catalan, …

And french-swiss and french-belgium; bigger than regions.

Sorry for the off topic post but I had to:

Corse, Breton and Catalan and three languages different from French, not a variation of French (I guess you know, others may not).