EndOfLine & Windows

I am just starting out working through a tutorial. I ran into a an issue with the EndOfLine “command”. It does not return the correct CRLF for windows. I tried adding the .unix and .mac and .windows, but I could not get it to function. I will add the code below.

Dim counter as Integer
Dim myFontList as String

For counter = 0 to FontCount - 1
myFontList = myFontList + Font(counter) + EndOfLine

Me.Text = myFontList

The font names come out as one l-o-n-g concatenated string. No CRLF being added.
Add on question. Is there any way to supply the required values for the CRLF? I do not want to do this as I want to try to write platform independent code and I know this would mess it up. But I am used to a Chr(10) Chr(13) in VB for Applications. I tried that and it was not liked.
Thanks in advance for your help.


The EndOfLine does work using MsgBox. It must be something with the Me.Text?

I found my problem. I was using a Text Field rather than a Text Area. All is fine now. It was NOT an EndOfLine issue but rather the old omnipresent “User Error”.
Sorry for the interrupt.