end of debug take too long time


i use the 2014 r2.1 IDE (last XP user IDE)
I have a strange problem since i passed to Hight Sierra.
At the end of a debug Xojo take a long time (env 6 ou 8 secondes) before i can use it again.

Is someone know how to correct this ?
Maybe by clean the install and temporary files ? Is there a procedure for that ?

Thanks a lot.

do you profile code ?

This is a High Sierra problem (<https://xojo.com/issue/48295>) that the Xojo persons haven’t been able to reproduce. For me it’s very much there every time I do a run on High Sierra.

@Jean-Yves Pochez no i don’t profile code

I will try to install a new version on a virtual machine to see if the problem persists.

I use Xojo 2015r1 to compile for Windows XP.

Edit: did you run Windows XP in a virtual machine on macOS / MacOS X ?

After verification the problem is the same with the last IDE 2017 2.1

Add my voice to this: debug runs (without code profiling) take forever to finish up on my main project. Here’s a screencast that shows it takes 16 seconds:


I suspect it has a lot to do with whatever filesystem cleanup (attempting to remove the .debug version of the app) is going on behind the scenes.

You’re on 10.12 or 10.13 ?

The .debug bundle that it creates is 432 MB in size. The Frameworks folder contains 57 files, and is relatively small at only 26MB. My Resources file in that bundle, however is pretty large: 768 files that consumes 371 MB. The rest of the bundle is unremarkable.

yeah - its a known issue
we’ve made some changes for an upcoming release

I’m aware of the problems that Xojo has had that prevents it from completely deleting the .debug bundle, so I’ve added a pre-build script to clean up between runs… is that what you are referring to? In fixing the ability for it to delete everything did you also speed up how quickly it deletes everything? Just curious if this was identified as the same or separate issue.

related issues
Because of how the OS works we would try deleting items
And if it failed we would retry several times

Since you’re a prerelease tested you could try what we’ve changed and see if it makes any difference

I just tried, but the project will not compile in B35. I posted to the forums just a minute ago about menu items not being found by the compiler. As soon as I can get this project to compile I’m happy to test the debug cycle speed.

I can now compile the project in R35. The quit time is still right at 16 seconds, however the .debug app is correctly removed from the filesystem after each run now.

I install Xojo on a new mac with High Sierra and the problem is gone.
The app is exactly the same but now the debug close time is about 2 seconds.