Encrypt/Decrypt & Encoding/Decoding

Hi there,

I need to encrypt some data and don’t want to use RSA.
I also need to encode/decode Base64.

I’m using e-CryptIt engine from Einhugur for some desktop apps (Blowfish, AES and encode/decode) but I don’t know yet if their plugin will be ported on iOS.
I found some entries in the forum for encoding base64 but this does not solve all my needs.

Are there any suggestions ?

Thanks !


I haven’t tried, but see if my Blowfish classes will work, or can be modified to work:


Hey Kem, thanks a lot.

Just copied the Blowfish class in a test iOS app.
I’m getting hundreds of errors due to the new framework (memoryblocks, strings, bitwise, …) but it’s worth a try.
I guess I’ll get as many errors with Bcrypt for encode/decode.

I’ll dig into it later and let you know if I succeed, unless Einhugur is moving their eCrypt engine to iOS.

Thanks anyway.

It is part of XojoIosWrapper

Merci Michel.

I was just looking at it.
Encode/Decode seems to work.

I’ll test against larger data sets.
FYI I have a SQLite database containing encoded data that I need to decode, update and re-encode.

I hope to solve the encrypt/decrypt soon.

A la prochaine :wink:

You may also want to have a look at the RC4 method posted here

It will need to be updated to the new framework, but at first glance, it should be fairly simple.

Thanks Michel

RC4 may be a solution because fast and easy to implement but it is not as secure as AES.
I’ll keep RC4 as a fallback if I can’t implement AES or Blowfish.

In my opinion RC4 is strong enough for the kind of data I’m dealing with but my customer may think differently …

[quote=160632:@Kem Tekinay]I haven’t tried, but see if my Blowfish classes will work, or can be modified to work:


I just looked at it. Given the relative complexity, updating it for the new framework will probably be much easier for you. Do you think it is possible you will move the project to the new framework ?