Encodings.WindowsANSI / Encodings.MacRoman ?

Does it makes sense to use:


in 2016 ?

You should use UTF-8 for all encodings if possible.

Of course if you have a 10 year database app which outputs text files you need to read, you may need to specify such an encoding.

[quote]Does it makes sense to use:

in 2016 ?[/quote]

The answer is ‘it depends’

if this is for you own use, then UTF-8 is pretty much ideal for most purposes.

But every day I deal with legacy systems such as banking where the code originated in mainframe and COBOL, where a UTF file would make it choke.

Christian, Jeff: thanks.

Jeff: is it possible to restrain the use using f.CreationDate (if the date is more than > 10 years old or so) ?

When I wrote in 2016, I was thinking: stop writing with old encoding and start to store data using UTF8 and forgot legacy data.

The real problem IMHO is to continue to store data in OLD format when a far better format exists. Of course, when Legacy comes, for compatibility, one have to follow that road.

I forgot the other case: Encodings.MacRoman !

A good comparison is to talk about old empire measures and current measures (stop using old 2d currency values and use the current ones in the UK).