Enabling the Enable property in IDE... ProgressBar bug (reported in Issues)

LOL I’ve been waiting a long time to write a pun like this:
Someone needs to enable the Enabled property in the IDE.


The Enable property seems to be missing in the IDE for web app ProgressBar control.

Workaround is easy: set the property in code.

We can do something like making it a bit transparent and/or black and white, but I honestly don’t know what’s the use case for a disabled progress bar :sweat_smile:


I have never seen a disabled progress bar in a web application, they only show when needed (so enabled).


I would like for it to be faded out like other disabled controls… the intent is to show that a process will be tracked as soon as it starts, and when the process is not started, it should be slightly faded out until that process is activated and is in progress.