EnableMenuItems runs reliably for toolbar menus?

While trying to figure out a way to enable menus on toolbars the same way we have with the menu bar (i.e. an EnableMenuItems event executed just before the menu is shown), I noticed the EnableMenuItems event is also called when a toolbar with a menu is clicked (that is, just before the menu appears).

The documentation doesn’t mention anything about that. I’d like to know if it’s expected (thus, reliable) and whether non-Mac systems react the same, so I can use this technique.

Any idea?

That is more of a happy accident and not specifically intended. I wouldn’t rely on it across platforms. If you need a feature like this, please create a Feedback case so we can look into it more.

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Thank you.
As there’s no mouse events on toolbars, it looks like there’s no easy way to update items just before the menu is shown. Looks like a big gap that should be filled :thinking:
I’ll make a case.

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