Enable drag reorder won't work!! - LONG TIME ABANDONED BUG REPORT

Bug report ages ago!!! My feedback case has been abboned, probably been almost a year since it was made now!! Ridiculous. Does the Xojo team really expect you to work with all of these bugs. Somebody try to work with a listbox with EnableDragReorder property checked and hierarchial. It won’t work!! I guess I could code it in my self but I would rather not if there is a property for doing that.I feel ignored by Xojo Inc. And how do you get verified? Do you have to buy Xojo or something?? If that is the case then that is a unfair way of categorising those who have not bought Xojo and could be a future customer.


Maybe I exaggerated but it was the 4th of August I posted this and it still says Needs Review. <https://xojo.com/issue/28649>

Ha. I have bugs that are years old that have never been fixed. I have 160 reports that are still open but only 3 are at need review.

Create a simple sample project and attach it. Make sure your instructions are repeatable. Pretend you’re the guy reading the bug report. If you have to do any work, and there are 30,000 other choices of bugs to fix, would you do the work to fix your bug or might you look for one that’s less work. I know what I would do.

Drag reorder does not, and cannot, work in a Hierarchical listbox. It’s stated clearly in the documentation. Come up with a reasonable recommendation, given that the listbox knows nothing about your hierarchy internally, and file a feature request.

From the docs:

For a Hierarchical ListBox, row reordering is NOT done for you, regardless of the value you return. You are responsible for writing the code for reordering the rows and you should return True.