Empty Listbox Title?

I have created a listbox where in one column only a polygon is drawn because it gives much more readability to the user instead of full text. The width of the column needs to be much broader than the width of the symbols because I want the sort order triangle to appear. There seems to be a certain space that the triangle is placed away from the header text, which makes it even wider.

And then there’s the fact that I cannot set the header().text to “” because then the default column number is shown, so I have to declare header().text = " " which adds another space to the width.

The result is, of course, not very aesthetic, having one column in the middle that seems to have much more bleed than all the others.
Is there any way to handle the default header text and distance so that only the triangle can get shown?

You can use chrb(0) as the heading to remove the column number, but don’t know if that will fix the bleed problem.

Thanks Wayne, but as it turned out when the width is less than the space needed, whe ever one clicks on the header this minimum space overlaps the neighboring header. Guess I’ll better find out what information I could add the the free space in the cells instead …