Empty Event Handler List

I think I’ve found a way to reproduce the empty event handler list problem. I’ve updated an existing closed bug report with my findings.


I’d be interested if anyone else can reproduce the issue. I’m not sure if leaving Xojo open for a long period of time is required, but I was able to see the change from working to non-working, so I think that’s pretty significant. Hopefully it wasn’t a fluke and it’s reproducible now, so it can get fixed.

I was able to repeat the experiment, and got the same results. First button dropped on the page was fine, second button had no events.

So it appears to be reproducible with just putting the computer to sleep, and there is no time element. Has anyone else attempted to verify yet?

The simple way to get this to occur for me is:

Launch Xojo
Start new web project
Drag button onto window
Double click button to verify all events show
Put computer to sleep (I’m using a Mac)
Wake up computer
Drag a new button to window
Double click to verify all events show
Drag a third button to window
Double click to see event list is blank

Many times
Left my computer running the IDE overnight
Computer slept

No issue here

I can verify using Kevin’s steps. Using Xojo 2016R1, OS X 10.11.4.

I’ve finally managed to get it to do this (one small step forward)

Now to figure out why it does this - very odd

I see it’s marked fixed now. Thanks Norman.