empty canvas grey box

Xojo2017r3 OSX El Capitan. Empty canvas controls are being drawn with grey boxes. The boxes are not the size of the entire canvas. Xojo never did this before. Couldn’t find it in Feedback. Known bug?

Is doublebuffering on? If so then you need to paint the entire control as the content of a doublebuffered control isnt guaranteed.

Yes, DoubleBuffer is on. Turning it off gets rid of the grey boxes. Hm, I used DoubleBuffer before and didn’t have to draw anything in previous versions, never saw these grey boxes. When did this start?

I was having a corruption issue on a doublebuffered canvas in windows when I wasn’t painting the entire canvas. As I was putting in a new feedback ticket for it I found another that mentioned what I said above. I’ll try and find the ticket again (wish me luck).

I found it, it was my ticket after all (too many tickets to keep track now)


I assume that is the same for macOS but I might be wrong.

It appears to be the same for MacOS. When I try to view the feedback ticket, Feedback tells me “Case Note Available”. In any case thank you for the help.