I thought this was worth a quick read.



Respectfully Gavin… Empathy needs to be distributed to ALL corners, and I’m not even talking about me. To the OP or any passive reader of that thread, that guy’s advice was dangerous and his self-righteousness was off the charts. Nasty combo when the issue is data integrity.


I agree.

I’m sure you’re right but I’ve no idea what you’re referring to!

We could use more empathy

I’m confused. Exactly what did he say that could be described as “dangerous and self-righteous”? My interpretation is that he was suggesting that we try to remember there’s a human being on the other end, something that is easily forgotten.

I’ve seen many anonymous conversations decay into bitter onslaught that would certainly never happen face-to-face.

This is why we demand real names on this forum. Anonymity has its place but it can result in a lot of vitriol as well. The internet would be better off if anonymity was limited to communication that wouldn’t happen without it.

I assumed Brad thought that I had posted that link, in reference to some thread here on the Xojo forum. But I honestly don’t know what thread or person he’s talking about, although I admit to be intrigued enough to try and find it! I can’t though. Anyway, not everything is some big battle to be “won”! I just thought it was a nice little read.


I believe this was the catalyst, Gavin

[quote=73522:@Don Lyttle]https://forum.xojo.com/10233-recommendations-for-database

I believe this was the catalyst, Gavin[/quote]
That looks likely. I was most definitely not referencing that thread, though. I just posted a link with a nice little positive sentiment which has now been derailed. We could do with more positivity and empathy around here sometimes.

Don’t bother finding the thread
I enjoyed the empathy post as it is FAR FAR FAR too easy to forget when typing that there is a person at the other end

On a bad day - once in a while - when I can’t resist to rant about the shortcomings of this and that, the only thing that I would need in such a moment is seeing that someone out there is able to empathize, like : “Hey Ollie, I guess you’re pretty frustrated right now that things still don’t work as you expected, huh?”

What is not making it any better in such a moment is to read some reasoning why my views are ‘wrong’ or some diagnosis of my behavior as ‘bad’. Then it is quite likely that my frustration turns into anger.

And while I am writing about myself now, at the same time I am convinced that this is true for many others as well. So I appreciate that little posting on empathy, because it expresses the direction towards where I wish to develop myself.

Not that I’d ever be there completely… sometimes it feels just to good, to be ‘bad’ :slight_smile:

Hey, Ollie, sounds like you’re feeling a bit bad about how you respond sometimes. We all do that, so don’t beat yourself up too much. :wink:

Norman, it was one of my first post on this forum, and it seems it was a bad day for you :
Norman mention that many many many times.
You may read that thinking I’m resentful but be sure I’m not, I’m smiling now, while I’m writing this. I just post this as a to you.

My bad for not posting the link and/or assuming that that thread had anything to do with this discussion. I generally like the sentiment.