Emoji in textarea mysterious behavior

When I true to display this string
MyTextArea.Text = "🗓 13/06/2022"

I got a valid result then when I hade this line
MyTextArea.Text = "🗓 14/06/2022"

I have this strange result

My solution is

MyTextArea.Text = ""
MyTextArea.Text = "🗓 14/06/2022"

It’s works fine, my question is why do I need to reset MyTextArea to “” when I use emoji ?

PS : There’s the same stange issue when I copy/past this string or any string with emoji on TextEdit.APP

Interesting that the space and numbers are double-wide but not the /.

You can file a bug report to see if this can be changed for the next release.

I would report this in Feedback. Without clearing the Text or RTFData first, it’s definitely causing some display issues that it shouldn’t be.

There is already my case: <https://xojo.com/issue/63934>

and this thread: TextArea and 4-byte UTF8 characters display strangely

So you see this issue has already been open for more than a year.


You might want to try another symbol. I’m on Big Sur and it’s not included.
(not your original problem, just trying to provide a heads up on compatibility)

(screenshot of how I see your original post)

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