embedwithin scrollbar ??


i have a webpage that has 2 container controls on it, in these container controls i then embed further container controls, essentially its a vertical array of containers. the left hand one creates its own scrollbar, the right hand one doesn’t. i can’t see what I’ve done differently. in fact these two lists are essentially the same code.

any ideas what I’ve missed out?

Check the ScrollbarsVisible property. I suspect one of them is set to Never.

i was just about to say that they were set to automatic,
then i looked again, and the containers in the IDE are in a different order than at runtime,
because i am moving them around in code, so i was looking at the wrong bloody container :wink:

i swear i’ve been looking at it for hours trying to figure it out. as usual, its my own stupidity!

thanks anyway Greg, its all good now!

Don’t be so tough on yourself. We all have our “bang head against wall” moments!

Some of us every day. And I’m talking about myself here.

thats the great thing about the Xojo community,
its like having the ‘phone a friend’ lifeline :wink: