Embedwithin Question


What do you to do “unembed” a control? May sound funny but I have my container controls embedding nicely into a canvas. I can add as may as I want, scroll, etc all nicely. I created a button on the main window to “Delete” and it is working from removing the container control from my control array perfectly. My thing now is that I just realized that I don’t have a “Changed” event to run a for loop on the control array telling tehn canvas which containers to draw so what happens is that my “delete” method works and deducts it away from the array, but it still shows embedded since it never looks back at the array.

Hopefully Im ove rthinking this?

Assuming you’re instantiating it with something like:

theContainerControl = New MyContainerControl
theContainerControl.EmbedWithin(theParent, x, y, w, h)
// do stuff

Get rid of it with:

theContainerControl = Nil

Markus I am absolutely doing that and much appreciated! Thank you