Embedding Xojo webapp in another page

I am trying to embed a Xojo web app within another website that I have control of. I am assuming it would have to use iframe but I am going to run into all sorts of issues when the main browser window resizes etc. Is their a better way to achieve this rather than using iframe of using iframe effectively?

You may try RubberViewsWE which takes care of resizing content automatically.

Ok, I will look at that but would I still use an iFrame to embed the Xojo web app or does a better way exist?

I’m using IFrame with a amster app (outer) controls 4 slave (inner) applications: all applications are on the same server.
Works fine and the user isn’t aware of this “multi app” environment.

@Maurizio Rossi That sounds exactly like what I am trying to do, could you share your iframe tag which does the embedding please. Thanks

Difficult to tell you without having a better idea of what you want to achieve. But it is certainly a good way of adding seamlessly a Xojo app to an existing site.

Make sure to set the security level of your app to enable it to appear in the iFrame.

Brilliant, thanks for that.

BTW, an iframe is a very simple tag. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp

In its minimal form, it does not change size, so you would not have much to do for the app.

Only if you set the iframe to change size according to the browser dimensions, will you need to resize your app.

I might need the iframe to change size so will have a play with that.

You can do with an iframe most of what you do with divs :

<iframe src="http://www.w3schools.com" style="width:50%; height: 50%;"></iframe>

The problem used to be that you couldn’t set an iframe to 100% and 100% height so that the frame sized to the web app content without scrollbars, I think that issue still exists.

Why do you want to use a full page iFrame anyway ? What’s wrong with displaying the app directly ?

My 5 applications are Xojo web apps.
The master (outer) app shows slave app contents using the WebHTMLViewer control.
As Michel suggested remember to setup correctly the webapplication.security property.

For the app content area you can overlap control(s) (a container for example) on top the htmlviewer stretched to be as big as the whole page: just play with the zindex property of the control placed over the page.
Doing this you can add navigation or whatever else on top of the “iframed” slave app.

Setting the width and height of an iframe to 100% does not scale to the contents. Rather it scales to the object that contains the iframe itself.

@Greg O’Lone Yes that is the issue I have. So for example if I have a listbox in my xojo web app that does my magic which I want to embed within Wordpress which has all the pretty UI the issue is that he listbox does not resize to the width / height. Does the web app have any resize events that might work to size the listbox to its parent iframe width etc?

You don’t get a page Resized event?