Embedding resource files ?

I don’t like having multiple folders for my apps, so I was wondering if there was any way to embed sound files like the previous versions of Xojo instead of having the resource folder. It would be way better.


Not built in.

One way to do it yourself would be to base64encode the contents of the file and put them into constants. Then at launch, you decode and write them to the temp folder so you can use them.

But you can’t do this with the Libs directory, so you’ll always have at least one.

I’m guessing you’re talking about Windows?

Yes he is.

At any rate Windows apps should always be installed with an installer, so the number of folders in the application install folder is completely irrelevant, and few users will ever look there.

I used to worry about that too, until I saw the mess that most apps have under the Program Files folder. It’s messy, but don’t fight it. Users should not be poking around there, if your data is not placed there like we used to do 15 years ago.