Embedding images

I know it is possible to embed images in a project. It seems that the images don’t actually get embedded because when I move the xojo_binary_project file to another location, all of the “embedded” images are missing.

Any way to actually package images inside the project file? Once in a while I need to edit the project on multiple computers so it would be more convenient to actually have the images inside the project.

Thanks .

One suggestion is to use a VCS (Version control system) instead. Just Check out your project and all assets with it. When done, commit :slight_smile:
I use Subversion myself but there’s also GIT and others :slight_smile:

The Arbed tool can collect project and all referenced files in one location.

There is however a strange bug in Xojo (and also in RS), if you drop a portrait picture in the IDE it’s automagically turned right 90 degrees so it becomes a ‘landscape’ picture.

Pardon ?
I’ve never seen such a thing

Nope. Not here.

This is on Windows 8.1 -64.

Same configuration, I picked your picture from the screen and made it 513x910 to have the exact same size. It does not tilt. ? ? ? Mystery…

Hi Michel,
That picture of the tower is originally 2416 x 4288 pixels and i think that size could be the culprit, but shouldn’t be in my opnion.

I rescaled to that size but when I drop the picture in the iDE, it does not tilt either…

Strange, i have tried several times in Xojo and RS and always with the same result.
Thanks for trying, Michel.

I see this sometimes on my iPad, where the image is landscape in the browser and then portrait in the pictures app… Check the EXIF of the original file to see if there is anything forcing the rotation (this would mean Xojo is not handling it properly but the other apps are)…

The original picture was directly downloaded from the camera. Now i have the same picture loaded in Irfanview and resaved it in the same size as the original and now it imports just fine without rotating right 90 degrees. Obviously there is a fault in the format of the camera.

Again Michel, thanks for testing, now we at least know what’s causing this.

Shao, i think you are probably right, only i have no means/knowledge to check the EXIF format.
Thanks for your reply.

That’s Windows being “helpful” and autorotating the image for you. Xojo obviously doesn’t do that (nor should it, in my opinion).

EXIF has an orientation flag that defines how a picture was taken… Look on this site http://www.middlea.freeserve.co.uk for ExifInfo… Looks to be an older class (look at the spelling of REALbasic :wink: )… I have not tested in Xojo, but if it does not work and you are unable to get it working, let me know and I will look at updating the code for everyone…

[quote]ExifInfo (58kb Zip)

ExifInfo is a REALbasic ‘Class’ (ExifInfo.rbo) that was produced for use in NupPrint (and FileInfo - see below). I offer it to anyone who, like me, wants to access the Exif and ITPC Metadata from JPEG, TIFF or PSD image files in projects written using the REALbasic language and IDE. As with other software on this page, I offer it with NO WARRANTY. Feel free to examine, modify or adapt the code as you need - do let me know if it proves useful. A ReadMe file is included in the Zip file (and as a ‘Note’ within the Class, and here) along with a more complete explanation (as a .pdf) of MY understanding of how this metadata is held - and an acknowledgement of many of the sources I have used in arriving at this limited understanding,[/quote]